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From the beginning, Klippfast rock wedge was supposed to be a surprise.

Lars Andersson (co-inventor), had bought a new boat and Per Svalander (co-inventor) was going to surprise him with a rock wedge. Since the boat is moored at the Swedish west coast. Per Svalander, who is a multi-worker, visited some boat equipment stores in search of something that might work. Once there, he soon realized that there wasn’t exactly that smart accessory he had intended. Since he is equipped with a workshop and tools. He soon also had his own solution to the problem and sent a rock wedge to Lars for testing.

The idea was born “Klippfast rock wedge”, a solution with a screw function for expansions in cracks. It’s natural to screw to make it expand in the crack. It will not damage the rocks. It’s important to respect the environment and the fragile world the rocks live in. Islands are very popular and cracks in the mountain are used by many boat owners and therefore must be taken care of. Wrong mooring equipment will over the year make real damages.

Now they also began to understand that something that more than Lars Andersson could have benefited from. Therefore Per Svalander made a final prototype that served as a test bench for real tests and presentations. The first question that Lars Andersson and Per Svalander  understood would come. Will Klippfast rock wedge cope with the sea powers to which it would be exposed. Time was quickly booked at Autoliv test center in Vårgårda, Sweden for tensile and jerk tests (see movie). The result was convincing and showed that the materials held to the stresses that a rock anchor / wedge could be exposed to.