Waterline Design - smart and practical boat equipment
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We started in 2011 with an idea to manufacturing and marketing smart and practical boat equipment. They should be easy to use and also sold for an affordable price. Not everything in boat business needs to be expensive. Our products are unique and sold worldwide with local distribution in most countries with high population of boat owners. We try to make the products universal to fit all brands and both sail- and motorboats. Waterline Design want to improve comfort and experience on water.

Our mosquito nets, which are mounted from the inside with a magnets or suction cups. They allow you to have the hatches open and ventilate the boat with being bother with mosquitoes. With our blackout shades / blinds you sleep better and do not have to wake up in the sunrise. It’s nice to be able to decide for yourself when to wake up. Chafe protection for your boat equipment, gives a sense of security. Here in our Waterline Design online store we also offer some more strong brands that stands for the same value base – smart and practical boat accessories. Read more about Spiroll, Mr Mooring, Scrubbis, Ultraglozz and Klippfast